Patient Testimonials

"I first met Dr. Sorge three years ago. My health was failing. Although I had been very healthy for the past 45 years ago, my liver was not working properly, edema set into my legs, and I had a serious case of psoriasis from head to toe. I had tried many medications and doctors and nothing was working. In fact, it was getting worse with the pharmaceutical medicines. Dr. Sorge began an aggressive treatment but the emphasis was on permitting the body to detoxify and heal itself. Dr. Sorge employed antioxidant and vitamin infusions, colonics, and other treatments to cleanse my system and fortify my immune system. Dr. Sorge was the only doctor that was able to reduce the inflammation of my liver and reduce the psoriasis. In time, the psoriasis resolved and my liver is now working perfectly. As an added bonus, I even lost weight and look younger. Dr. Sorge also takes the time to speak with you and really understand your medical condition before treatment. I will always be grateful to this wonderful doctor. "

Liliana S.

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