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Colon Hydrotherapy

If you have never considered doing a colonic until now, let's consider some of the most basic advantages. Colon hydrotherapy is all about effectively eliminating toxins from your body so as to clear the proverbial road to digestive wellness and vibrant health.


 This concept of eliminating toxins from your body has commonly been called “detoxification”. This is not a new concept throughout ancient history and many forms of detoxification have been practiced such as fasting, sweating, modified diets, juicing, herbal usage, deep breathing, exercise, and even colon irrigation techniques.

Toxins are foreign, useless, and potentially harmful substances to the body. Under ideal conditions, the body’s detoxifying and eliminative organs do an excellent job in neutralizing and removing such substances as designed. However, toxins that get stuck or stored in the body will remain there and exert a strong imbalanced influence toward what is called ‘disease’ until removed. 

Detoxification has been practiced because toxins that are stored in the body can eventually overwhelm the liver, the primary detoxifying organ in our body.

One function of the colon is to reabsorb water to properly form fecal matter intended to be evacuated. The longer fecal matter remains in the colon more water is absorbed often creating constipation. Over time, trapped toxic fecal matter continues to negatively influence the water that is reabsorbed causing it to be more toxic. That reabsorbed toxic water then must be detoxified by the liver to protect the body from poisoning. When the liver is overwhelmed by toxic overload, the next defense is to create a barrier between the foreign substance, or toxin, and the body’s healthy cells, tissues and organs. This barrier is called inflammation. Sustained inflammation unchecked over a period of time will result in chronic autoimmune disease.


Inflammation is the source of the expression of many diseases. Decreasing inflammation is the goal of most health practitioners. Colon hydrotherapy cleanses and balances the body by reducing stagnation of waste and, therefore, toxic waste absorption. Unlike chemical laxatives, which encourage dependency, colon hydrotherapy actually helps improve the muscle tone of the bowel to “re-educate’ it to function normally (which is to have a bowel movement after each meal consumed).

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