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We love finding new ways to advance and develop the lives of the people we meet in whatever state they are when we meet. This is why we have sought to implement the latest developments in life enhancing alternative natural medicine to the whole of people’s lives. We are committed to blending the best of traditional medicine with the fundamentals of naturopathic principles. To this end, we have formed compelling treatment protocols designed to prevent undue aging and circumvent disease while promoting patient experience of balanced, high level health.

We believe the health of an individual involves both an objective and subjective expression. So we look at each patient scientifically and judiciously according to medical standard of care but also consider and listen to the experience, concerns, desires and personal idiosyncrasies communicated by the patient.

The detoxification protocols that we provide are well tolerated by virtually all patient populations that we see. Numerous patients are especially enamored to be achieving maximum saturation of nutritional reserves through our treatments. However, we seek to maintain vigilance in regulating all treatments by the individual’s agreeability and symptomatological feedback observed or expressed. We believe a well-informed expression of what is best for the patient will emerge by coordinating the patient’s awareness and objectives with our clinic’s equitable analysis. We truly desire to be attentive to both the objective and subjective feedback each patient provides.

Our goal is to contribute to the professional advancement of efficacious alternative medicine and make it readily available. Occasionally, cutting edge and theoretically efficacious alternative treatments are not well received until appropriately validated by randomized clinical trials which are formidable to fund and employ. In the absence of such studies, we are proud to find ourselves among other conscientious clinics committed to hosting in-office case studies that find new alternative solutions to patient inquiries.

Our Approach

We all have blind spots in our awareness. We all want to feel like someone is watching our back. At Vidaful Medicine, we believe our assessment tools and practical solutions can help YOU!

We begin with a compassionate assessment of your body’s needs, deficiencies, and strengths through a physical exam, medical history and health questionnaire, urine test, and blood test covering over 80 individual reports.

Our specialized analysis of the data is to mark in time how your various organ systems are performing on a graded scale between functionality and disfunction. By determining which direction your body is currently moving, disease and health are predictable and improvement is attainable with modified energy and attention.

Our recommendations are then individually qualified by your unique personal attributes and directed intelligently toward definitive improvement.

We empathize that becoming more aware of ourselves can be more challenging at particular mile markers throughout the lifecycle. Effective functional testing is the first and most necessary step to slow inevitable decline and move you with hope toward intentional progress. We understand and want to offer the good news of solutions that really work for you.

“Any area of life that does not receive attention will not grow.”

Many of us desire health and a feeling of well being. But for a myriad of individually specific reasons are not taking intentional action steps toward our goal of high level health. Every person also has unique biochemical constitution, needs, and challenges. Don’t waste your energy comparing yourself with the habits of others. Our personal health evaluation allows you compare yourself with yourself. You may already be taking intelligent action steps with your health but desire fresh measurement tools and strategic solutions.

We would like to help. We believe that when you become better, we all become better.

Call us for a free phone consultation or schedule an appointment today. We can help get you started, right where you are, to become what you know you can to be.

Our Team

Dr. James McGee <br><span>MD</span>

Dr. James McGee

Born in Southern California in 1961. #3 of four boys.

Moved to the High Desert at a young age.
Attended Yucca valley High School.
Participated in varsity sports of wrestling and golf.
Graduated 1979.

Associate degree in Marketing and Sales from the Coastline Community College District in Southern California. Was a college wrestler during this time.

Became a sales representative for numerous companies until opening his own business in Palm Springs, California. This allowed him to become a professional motocross racer.

He volunteered at Desert Hospital which sparked his interest in medicine.

From there he became a paramedic for AMR in Riverside County, CA.
He became a ‘critical care medic’ and ‘field training officer’ along with QA/QI positions for AMR while attending numerous colleges on and off.

Graduated Cum Laude with a BSEMC from Loma Linda University, Loma Linda California Pre-medical curriculum finished at Cal State San Bernardino.

After completing his EMC degree he attended the University of Nevada School of Medicine and received his MD in 2001.

Did his residency in Emergency Medicine at St Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem Pennsylvania between 2001-2004. Board certification by ABEM in 2007.

Worked at numerous Emergency Departments since 2004 with an emphasis on training new resident and physician assistants. Enjoyed his position at Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC) treating soldiers and their families.

Been in numerous advisory committees and panels including large corporation such as Air Products. Has been the medical director for numerous ambulance squads and companies.

Currently the medical Director for:
MX Sports - Morganton, WV
International Air Medical Services - Tempe, AZ
Comforting Care Home Health - Allentown, PA

Currently lives in Allentown Pennsylvania but works in North Carolina at the Fayetteville VAMC helping veterans. He is single with no children.
Enjoys numerous outdoor sports, especially off-road motorcycle racing.

Dr. Miguel Guillermo Garber<br><span>Cardiology, Regenerative medicine</span>

Dr. Miguel Guillermo Garber
Cardiology, Regenerative medicine

Miguel Garber has over 30 years’ experience in Internal medicine and cardiology, He received his degree from University of La Plata, Argentina, finish his training move to USA where work during 25 year and the last 5 spend in Europe, with expertise in regenerative medicine, training and education, research, product development and senior management. He has more than 14 years working with Stem Cell, including building and managing the stem cell evaluation, explore and developing stem cell therapies for cardiomyopathies, neurology, osteoarthritis and regenerative medicine at Stem cell Therapeutics Department of American Medical Information Group, Personal care Medical Center and Clinica Quirurgica Quantum. He is currently serving as Medical Director of Revitacell Clinic and Clinical Director of Regenerative Medicine Madrid, ongoing of several investigative research involved Stem Cells application (ASC) and Stem Cells derivate drugs, Professor of Master in Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Garber has made a significant contribution to Stem cell Research. Actually he is involved in Adipose Stem Cell application. Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine open access journal, editorial board member with several publication and vice-president of Spanish Society of Regenerative Medicine and cell therapy.

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